Ministry Of Supply Also Makes A Raincoat! Here Is Our Detailed Review

Ministry Of Supply Also Makes A Raincoat! Here Is Our Detailed Review

Ministry of Supply is a company that’s famous for bringing some of the best tech to clothing out there. Their pants are outrageously comfortable and stretchy, and their shirts bring that same high level of tech to the table. We’ve had mixed feelings about Ministry of Supply in the past, loving some products, while finding others to be just mediocre and overpriced. But what most people do not know is that Ministry of Supply makes a lot more than just shirts and pants, and they actually make some outerwear as well. Specifically, we were super intrigued by their raincoat, called the Dry Days Mac ($375). It promises to bring the same awesome tech that Ministry of Supply is famous for in their shirts and pants to the world of outerwear as well.

Packaging & Experience

Delivery time is pretty quick, and all domestic shipping and returns are free, so all of that is nice. Packaging is super basic, though, and is literally just what you ordered in a standard box or envelope. I think that for the prices they charge, they can do better than that as far as customer experience goes. I also find the website a bit confusing, and their customer service is not at all something like Bonobos-level, with much higher wait times to orchestrate returns and so on. B+

Style & Design

The Dry Days Mac comes in black, grey, and navy. While they were sold out of the grey — my preferred color — in my size, my next favorite was the black, which is what we went with for this review. The overall look of this coat is actually quite simple, clean, and basic — which is all very good, as some of these “tech wear” jackets can sometimes look a little ridiculous. This one keeps things toned down and clean. The one element as far as design goes that stands out is the higher than normal collar, though this is a detail that is welcome on a raincoat, and doesn’t look strange at all. In fact, higher collars like this are often quite flattering, not to mention the fact that they do a better job at keeping extra water out. It also leaves room for the included hood, which can be zippered within the collar if you’d rather not wear it out — without the collar looking too puffy. 

The black of the coat is nice and deep, and looks great. It goes with just about anything, which is why getting a plain, versatile color is the smart move when it comes to a staple piece of outerwear like a raincoat. The length is also perfect, covering the butt, and allowing you to absolutely wear a suit jacket under it, with full coverage. Needless to say, this is the sort of raincoat that can be worn with anything, and would look just as at home over a full suit as it would over a tee and jeans. 

Other details: There is half elastic at the cuffs, which is interesting, and we are not sure that we love. The inside lining is a nice contrasting grey, and there is a black hidden interior breast pocket perfect for you phone, wallet, keys, or other similar items. The hood is nice and extended, and gives great coverage and protection from the rain. The front placket is covered, giving it a classier, cleaner look, and there are two outer pockets near your waist, as well as by the chest. In all, it is a super clean, and super functional design. A

Quality & Construction

The fact is that while Ministry of Supply quality is definitely solid, it’s not going to blow you away. And when we’re talking about almost $400 for a coat, it’s a bit hard to see where that price is coming from. The fabric makeup of the jacket is 70% Polyester, 23% PU, and 7% Spandex    . There is a fair bit of stretch to the jacket, and there is a very high level of movability. It is also very waterproof, and water beads up and simply slides right off of it. I can certainly see this jacket lasting quite a few seasons, and many, many wears. Plus, the inside does have some lining, and so this is not a nothing layer. I wouldn’t want to be wearing only this during a harsh winter-time rain, but at the same time, if the weather is simply cold, but not freezing, and you have a shirt and sweater beneath, because of how dry this thing will keep you, I would actually think that it would be more than fine. 

Now, that all being said, like I said at the start of this section, I still find it hard to justify the price. Because nothing about this coat screams super premium or super high end. It’s very nice, it does exactly what it says it does, but almost $400? That seems super pricey. For $100 less, or even more, I wouldn’t be saying anything about the price, most likely. But close to $400 for a raincoat? That seems awfully steep. Then again, they can charge these prices because they are really the only ones that offer a raincoat like this. No, there is nothing intrinsic in it that justifies the cost. No expensive materials or down lining or super thick robust canvas. Rather, it’s the tech that is justifying the price. And, that is where this thing will live or die. When you buy a nice, soft, heavy wool overcoat for $500, you instantly can tell why the thing costs what it does. When you spend almost $400 on this coat, you’re not going to see that price justification for a while. That is, if you really want a tech-wear coat like this it’s the best that we have seen. What it does, it does super well. Just be prepared to drop a huge chunk of change on a garment that is not intrinsically worth what you’re paying for it as far as materials or craftsmanship. Instead, that price is coming because of the R&D on the “tech.” As far as that goes, this is a well made jacket that is sure to last, and does what it advertises it will do. B+

The Fit

(Note: I am 6’1” and 165 lbs. and usually wear a size S or 15” shirt in a slim fit.)

I went with my usual size Small in this coat. It fits quite well. Not too much nor too little room in the chest, waist, or sleeves. I think the upper sleeve could stand to come in a bit, but it’s not terrible as it is now. This can be worn and look good standalone, or over a thick sweater or suit, and it should all fit and move more than fine. Especially factoring in all the stretch and movability this coat has by itself, this happens to really be a very well cut garment as far as the fit is concerned. It is not a true slim, but it’s not the typical garbage bag fit you get from most brands. Well done. A-

Check out the full measurements for the jacket here: 

Wrist5.00" (w/o elastic stretch)

Value & Conclusion

Ministry of Supply Dry Days Mac — $375: I think we pretty much said it all under the Quality & Construction section. You are paying for Ministry of Supply’s tech. And whether that is worth it to you will, well, be up to you. It’s well designed, fits quite well, and will likely last a good while. Still, nothing about this coat will blow you away, making the almost $400 price tag a bit hard to swallow for some. Others, though, will never be as happy with another coat. It will keep you dry, and you will look good all the while. It’s cool, stretchy, waterproof, and stylish. Can you ask for much more in a rain coat? Well, other than a more reasonable price? Final Grade: A-

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