One Look, Two Prices: The Perfect Summer Weekend Getup

One Look, Two Prices: The Perfect Summer Weekend Getup

Welcome back to our latest series here on The Peak Lapel, where we take one, timely, seasonal look, and show you how to accomplish it at two radically different budgets. Of course, we really don’t expect anyone to go for broke with the fully luxury version, but, certainly, a lot can be learned from these exercises, and perhaps a single luxury piece here and there is worth investing in. Either way, you can certainly learn from this how the same look can be accomplished for a whole lot less money, and where luxury garments do and do not make sense. 

Today’s look is perfect for the summer months when you want to go casual, but not too casual. Would not recommend going to a beach in this sort of getup, but it is perfect for a casual Friday at the office, or a weekend BBQ with friends and family. It hits the perfect balance between dressed up and laid back, and is the perfect look for the coming hotter, summer months. Some key details: roll up your pants for a more laid back look, and hit the gym a bit so the unbuttoned short-sleeved henley will look its best. Finally, while not included in our selections, feel free to indeed pair this with a nice, leather briefcase if you’ll be heading to work. Just maybe skip that hat.

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Bonobos henley: For what is essentially a glorified tee, this is pricey. but the quality is there, the texture is deep and rich, and it almost perfectly matches what the model has on. Getting this sort of depth in fabric at a cheap price is super difficult.

Tom Ford chinos: It is really, really hard to ever justify dropping a grand on a pair of every day chinos. But, they are Tom Ford. And, they are selling out. So someone must be buying them.

Tom Ford sunglasses: They have that cool metal cross bar on the top, and match the shape almost perfectly. These are like a classic wayfarer on style steroids. Awesome, super cool and unique-looking shades. 

Hermes belt: Another real hard one to justify. Spending more money on a belt than about 3 suits from somewhere like Indochino sounds ridiculous. And it is. But hey, it’s Hermes.

Ferragamo loafers: Quite sleek, perfectly shaped, and a beautiful shade and tassels. Could do without the logo metal on the front, though. Then they’d be perfect.



Lee henley: Super cheap, easy to wear, and ships and returns free from Amazon. Will it fit? Will it be any good? Unsure.

SuitSupply Chinos: Much more affordable than Tom Ford — and that is an understatement. Needless to say, as far as casual pants go, this is still somewhat pricey. But the quality is there, and they will last a real long time, and look excellent the whole while. Drop in to your local SuitSupply to have them tailored to perfection.

Warby Parker sunglasses: They don’t have that awesome metal top bar, but they do have a similar shape and a cool, tinted lens. Hey, if you’re saving money, some trade-offs need to be made. Standard Warby quality and warrantee. Super value at the price, and a wonderful company standing behind them.

Zara belt: Cannot speak to quality here. And, honestly, I would be nervous buying leather from a place like Zara. For $40, you can do a lot better, even, though perhaps not in this exact shade or thinner width. 

SuitSupply loafers: A lighter shade than the model wears, but if you want this sleek of a loafer at an affordable price, SuitSupply is one of the best values out there. I have an older model of these shoes for years now. They are going strong, and they are my favorite pair.

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