Full Review of the Super Impressive New Dress Shoes from Thursday Boot Co.

Full Review of the Super Impressive New Dress Shoes from Thursday Boot Co.

UPDATE: This review has been updated as of 6/7/18 at 11:45 AM with some changes and more information.

This review was not paid for or sponsored in any way. The shoes were purchased outright by The Peak Lapel, and all opinions expressed herein are our own.

The much beloved DTC boot company called Thursday Boot Co. has recently just expanded into making men’s dress shoes as well. Of course, this is a natural brand extension for them, but that doesn’t mean that they would do a great job necessarily. Plus, there’s a lot of competition in this space as far as affordable, but high quality men’s dress footwear (just think Jack Erwin). So, as soon as we could, we got our hands on a pair of the Baron Wholecut in Brown ($190) from the new Thursday Boot Co. dress shoe line (these things are selling out fast!) to let you all know what we thought, and if it’s worth checking out. 

Packaging & Experience

Website design is clean and easy to use and navigate. Shipping was free and astonishingly fast. Took only two business days to get to me (though I am based in NY). Returns are easy and free as well. Packaging was simple and clean, though nothing to write home about. Shoe dust bag is provided in the box as well. A

Style & Design

Looking through their full shoe line, some of them are definitely sleeker than others. Their oxford, for instance, is a bit bulbous and not very streamlined. Their blucher and brogue options look better, though we felt the best looking of the bunch was their whole-cut oxford. Not only are whole-cut shoes (meaning, the whole upper comes from just a single piece of leather) not so easy to find, but they look unique while still being understand and classy. And, at this price, they turn heads for more reasons than one.

For one thing, the brown is super rich and deep and beautiful. The dark sole matches perfectly. (Also available in a lighter brown and black, though we like the dark brown the best.) These shoes are striking and classic all at once. They look fantastic with blue-toned suits, but would go just as well with grey color palettes as well. The cut of the shoe is actually quite sleek, slim, and streamlined. It looks excellent from all angles. The toe box is also perfectly shaped and proportioned; neither too pointed nor too round. Without a cap toe to create any visual lines, the final look of this shoe is super clean and neat. As a Goodyear welted shoe (more on this in a moment), these are some of the sleekest I have seen. A

Quality & Construction

As mentioned, these shoes are Goodyear welted (as opposed to cheaper glued construction). That means they are very robustly made, and can be resoled for many years to come, easily. While most Goodyear welted shoes (as opposed to, say, Blake stitched) end up being a bit clunkier or thicker, these shoes manage to stay very clean and sleek. That’s impressive. The leather is Thursday’s own “chrome leather”, and this stuff is buttery soft. There is also a full glove-leather-lined interior, and a cork-bed midsole. All of this adds up to the fact that these are, without a doubt, the single most comfortable pair of dress shoes out of the box that I have ever put on. Period. Yes, even more comfortable than Wolf & Shepherd. The leather is so soft and smooth, and the footbed of the shoe is so soft as well, these things are a pleasure to wear. Again, just astonishingly comfortable. I have shoes that cost double or triple the price, and the leather is not as smooth or supple. I was blown away by these things.

The laces seem to be pretty standard waxed laces. Solid quality, and sure to last. The sole of the show has a rubber heel and rubber studs throughout the front, increasing grip and traction. These sorts of things are personal preference, but I have never had a strong feeling either way.

The one downside? Creasing. This leather seems to crease pretty noticeably, and pretty quickly. The creases will stand out less as the whole of the leather breaks in. Remember, every shoe will crease to some extent. The shoe naturally bends as you walk. It’s all a question of where and how the shoe creases that differentiates better shoes from worse ones. These shoes definitely will show a crease, so bear that in mind.

Overall, I am super impressed with the construction of these shoes, and considering that they are Goodyear welted I think these can last a long time. At the price, this is a great value. A

The Fit

These shoes seem to fit true to size. I almost always wear an 11.5. That is what I ordered here, and it fit perfectly. They suggest on the site ordering one half size smaller than your sneakers, though if you know what size dress shoe you usually wear, to just go with that. The latter is what I did and it turned out perfectly. A

Value & Comparison

Baron Wholecut in Brown — $190: Let me just say this: I don’t remember the last time I was so impressed with a product right out of the box. The quality, design, and comfort of these shoes is really great. If you read this site often, you’ll know we don’t gush about every single product we come across. Quite the opposite, really.

Now, any conversation about shoes at this price point has to consider Meermin or Allen Edmonds Factory Seconds. When we reviewed Meermin, we felt that AE Seconds was a better overall value. So, how do these shoes from Thursday stack up? Well, honestly, there is no question that AE shoes are superior quality. The leather and construction will be better there. Meermin, while not quite as good as AE, will also best these Thursday shoes as far as quality is concerned, but, these shoes are drastically more comfortable, and not drastically lower quality. Yes, both Meermin and AE have the edge in terms of quality, but Thursday has a real lead when it comes to comfort. 

So, at a price below $200, I think this pair of shoes is a great value in men’s dress footwear, especially if you want something super comfortable for everyday wear. This won't replace AE Seconds, especially as AE has way, way more options, and superior basics like cap toes and brogues. For true quality and value, AE Seconds still remains the champ. For comfort, we really like these Thursday shoes. Both, we think, have a place in a man's shoe collection.

In summary, then, we still prefer Allen Edmonds Seconds to Meermin, and find that Thursday's dress shoes are the reigning champ when it comes to comfort, besting even Wolf & Shepherd, while doing a pretty great job at just being great dress shoes in and of themselves. If a great looking dress shoe that is also super comfortable is what you seek, look no further. If you want something with more heritage, more quality, and a more classic style, AE Factory Seconds is still the way to go. Final Grade: A

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