In Review: The Ministry of Supply Kinetic Pant — The Stretchiest, Most Comfortable Dress Pants Ever Made?

In Review: The Ministry of Supply Kinetic Pant — The Stretchiest, Most Comfortable Dress Pants Ever Made?

We’ve been on a stretchy pants kick around here these past few weeks, no doubt. To cap it all off (for now), is the king (many would say) of all these pants, the Ministry of Supply Kinetic Pant ($145). We’ve reviewed stuff from Ministry of Supply before, and their company image is still the same. They are all about this new generation of tech-wear, and they are amongst the very pioneers pushing the envelope ever further, incorporating more and more fabric innovations to create garments that stretch and move even more, resist water and wick moisture even more, and so on and so forth. Their Kinetic Pant stands as one of the things they are most famous for — promising crazy stretch, comfort, motion, and moisture wicking — and so, naturally, we had to get our hands on a pair. 

Packaging & Experience

Delivery time is pretty quick, and all domestic shipping and returns are free, so all of that is nice. Packaging is super basic, though, and is literally just what you ordered in a standard box or envelope. I think, for the prices they charge, they can do better than that as far as customer experience goes. I also find the website a tad bit confusing, and their customer service is not at all something like Bonobos-level, with much higher wait times to orchestrate returns and so on. B+

Style & Design

If I have said it once, I can say it a million more times. When it comes to tech wear, it is crucial not to end up with a garment that looks like sweatpants. It can only feel like sweatpants, but this balance is hard to achieve and not every company pulls it off well (I’m looking at you, LuLu). That is not the case here though. These pants look like dress slacks through and through. From both afar, and once you get up closer, these pants come off just like any ol’ pair of wool dress pants. This means that these, without question, can be worn to work, with your favorite blazer, ties, dress shirts, and so on. Any formal occasion that does not require a suit, these can be your go-tos for when you want to be a bit more comfortable than usual. In fact, the reverse is also true. Because of their comfort and fabric, you can wear these just as well with a pair of loafers and a nice polo on the weekend. I wouldn’t go much more casual with these things than that (no tees), but the point is that they are certainly versatile. The design of the pants follows a typical dress pant configuration. Clasp fastener at the front, and two slit pocket in the rear in addition to the standard front pockets. By all other measures, these are standard dress pants. They come navy, two shades of grey, and a black, and I wish more colors were available. Though, that certainly covers all the classic shades for dress pants. The navy is a true, deep navy. It’s the one we ordered for this review, and we love how rich and deep the shade is. Overall, these are perfectly designed tech-wear dress pants. There is nothing else quite like it on the market. A+

Quality & Construction

If you compare these to more inexpensive pants, then these look pretty expensive. When you consider them as dress pants, or half of a suit, then they end up actually being pretty competitively priced. Still, you want quality for your money when you’re shelling out $150 on a pair of pants, and quality ye shall have. Everything is neat and clean on these pants, and the special 100% warp-knit Japanese Primeflex Polyester that has a water resistant DWR coating on the fabric really holds up to the acclaim. The stretch and comfort of these things is absurd. It’s not just like sweatpants; it’s beyond sweatpants. These things move, stretch, and feel unlike any other pants I have ever worn. There is a lining on the inside of the pants that are super comfortable, the fabric is wrinkle and water resistant, and is moisture wicking from the inside and out. These things are almost too comfortable. Seriously. They’re that good. You’ll want to sleep in them, and then be weirded out when you remember you’re in dress pants. In my experience as well, these pants hold their shape very well, can be washed in your own washing machine without real shrinking, and are sure to last a good, long while. A+

The Fit

(Note: I am 6'1 and 165 lbs. and usually wear a size 30x32 pant in a slim or skinny fit.)

These pants are offered in a slim or standard fit. Of course, I went with the slim, and loved how these things fit. It’s closer to a skinny fit without actually being skinny. In other words, it is a true slim fit, exactly how I like it. For guys not quite as slim, the Standard fit is sure to give you what you want with a bit more room, while still looking sleek and streamlined. The one issue is that these pants are all cut the same length, at about 34” for the hem. Obviously, this is much too long for most people, and even I needed to lop off two inches to get them to fit correctly. Ministry offers store credit for any tailoring you need, and the site claims that this is all so that you can get that perfect fit, but we all know this is just a cost saving trick. Uniqlo does the same thing. And we’d all rather exact length pants. A-

See here for exact measurements and comparisons to other brands. 

Value & Conclusion

Ministry of Supply Kinetic Pant — $145: These pants are really, really excellent, and there is not much negative to say about them at all. They will fit most guys great, plus a tiny bit of tailoring for the hem. They’ll last a while, are beyond comfortable and stretchy, and are super versatile. These are, in many ways, the ultimate tech-wear dress pant. We’ve seen tech-wear chinos and jeans, but never dress pants. As far as the world of stretch pants go, as far as we are concerned, these should indeed reign supreme. They are pricey, and don’t really go on much of a sale, but if you want amongst the best, then these are a more than fair price. They are dress pants, after all. Final Grade: A

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