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Jomers New Tailored-Fit Italian Travel Jeans In Review

Jomers is one of those companies that has just been killing it lately. We’ve taken a look at them before, though this time we had much, much better results. So, what do I mean by “killing it”? Well, I would put it this way: Think about Bonobos. They have great clothing, with tons of fit options, but their stuff is super, prohibitively, expensive. In other words, it’s overpriced…

Review: The Insanely Comfortable Bonobos Tech 5-Pocket Pant

Being uncomfortable is a thing of the past, it seems. However, while many men take this to mean it’s fine to stroll about in sweat shorts and a tank top, classier folk know that such outfits should be reserved for the gym. Still, there is no need to be anything other than absolutely comfortable, as the new wave of “tech wear” allows for what appears to, say, a standard chino to actually be a super comfortable, stretchy, moisture wicking, lightweight material pant that is probably more comfortable and cooler than your favorite sweats.