Jomers New Tailored-Fit Italian Travel Jeans In Review

Jomers New Tailored-Fit Italian Travel Jeans In Review

Jomers is one of those companies that has just been killing it lately. We’ve taken a look at them before, though this time we had much, much better results. So, what do I mean by “killing it”? Well, I would put it this way: Think about Bonobos. They have great clothing, with tons of fit options, but their stuff is super, prohibitively, expensive. In other words, it’s overpriced. Jomers has long offered similar styling and fabrics to Bonobos (some even better!), but now they are going to be able to compete on fit as well (though more on this later). And they do this all for insanely reasonable prices.

They use excellent materials and fabrics — many are being used by places like SuitSupply, and so on — and manufacture their products in places like Peru, and sometimes even in NYC. Their tagline is that high quality menswear made from high quality fabrics can be affordable, and that is exactly what they are doing. Many places claim this, but few deliver like Jomers does. The designs, fabrics, styles are all on par with Bonobos or SuitSupply level, but it is half or even a third the price. It’s really magic. Plus, they are super active on Twitter, constantly taking suggestions from their customers, and making them into a reality shortly thereafter. 

Much of the way they are able to do this is by not holding too much inventory. They don’t make too, too many of the products they sell, and when they are gone, they are very often gone. So, if you want something Jomers sells, buy it when you can. This also means that Jomers has never offered too many different fits, nor do they even offer any inseam lengths on their pants. But both of these things are now changing. Jomers promises to soon be offering inseam lengths on their pants in the coming months, and, just a couple weeks ago, they released a few pairs of their Travel Jeans in their new Tailored fit. This fit is supposed to be their answer to the Bonobos Tailored Fit or the J Crew 484 fit. It’s in between slim and skinny, basically. Read on for the full review of how these fit. 

Now, Jomers has since sold out of all of their Tailored Fit Travel Jeans, but they promise to be bringing many more pants in this fit in the coming months. For this review, we took a look at the Olive Travel Jeans in Tailored Fit ($38). Here is what we thought:

Packaging & Experience

Jomers’ website is a joy to use. It’s simple to navigate, and they give you easy size filters in each sub-section, which makes finding what they have left in your size a breeze. Speaking of, would I prefer if they had better stock of all their items? Of course. But that is the trade off for what are some absurdly reasonable prices. And, it’s hopefully something they will be improving upon in coming months. Not to mention that there is always something available in your size, plus if you follow them on Twitter, there’s no reason you won’t be able to get in when they first drop if you’re reasonably quick on the draw. Shipping is fast and free, though their return policy only gives you a 14 day window, and you are on the hook for returns. B+

Style & Design

If you couldn’t tell from all the above, Jomers hits it out of the park with their styling and product design. If you didn’t know any better, anything they sell might as well have come from Bonobos or SuitSupply. It’s got a similar look and feel to it, and all the fit and finish — and small little details — are there just the same. These Travel Jeans comes in a bunch of colors from the classic khaki, grey, and navy, to a nicer, unique lighter blue, as well as a gorgeous rich olive color. We went with the olive and it looks even better in person. It has a grey-ness to it that is hard to describe. But, it’s basically green pants for people that don’t want to wear green pants. They’re wonderful, and subtle, and go with just about anything. They’re super unique, and not a shade we see offered many other places. Perfect with boat shoes and a polo, but could also work with a blazer and dressier shoes as well if need be. A+

Quality & Construction 

We have tested both the Bonobos Travel Jeans and the Banana Republic Traveler Pants, and these Travel Jeans from Jomers are absolutely just as good, if not better than either of them. They have a bit more stretch than the Bonobos ones, and a bit less stretch than the BR ones. The fabric is a bit thinner than the Bonobos pants, though that is not a measure of quality per se. They are much richer and feel nicer than the BR pants, though. They feel like a more premium, more natural fabric, but still have almost just as much stretch, and are just as comfortable to wear. When you consider than the BR pants are about double the price, and the Bonobos ones are more than triple, those prices become laughable. There is no question: for just $38 you’re getting an excellent pair of pants that can go toe to toe with anything from BR or Bonobos in the same category. A+

The Fit

(Note: I am 6'1 and 165 lbs. and usually wear a size 30x32 pant in a slim or tailored fit.)

If you’re a fan of the J Crew 484 fit, you’ll love these. I went with my usual 30x32, and they fit perfectly. Slim through the hip and thigh, and a nice taper without being skinny. In fact, they even get some things better, like a slimmer buttocks region, meaning less “diaper butt” (not quite as good as Bonobos does here, but solid, though it might be a bit too tight for some), as well as a tiny bit more room from the knee down. All adding up to pretty close to perfection, in my book. Of course, everyone likes their pants to fit differently, and so Jomers offers a Standard as well as Slim fit if you’d like some more room. If you’re a slim guy like me, though, the Tailored fit is perfect. As far as the sort of fit they were going for with their Tailored cut, they positively nailed it. The one problem? No inseam lengths. So, you will have to take a trip to the tailor to get these hemmed to your desired length, as I did for the pictures in this review. A

Click here to see a full size/measurement chart and comparison.

Value & Conclusion

Travel Jeans in Tailored Fit — $38: I’ll cut right to the chase. At this price, these pants are an absolute steal. As far as stretchy pants go, these from Jomers is, hands down, the best value out there that we have seen. They might not be quite as stretchy as some others, but they make up for that in a richness and natural-ness to the fabric that some of the super-tech pants do not quote have. Plus, that price is just unbeatable. Whenever Jomers starts carrying various inseam lengths, they’ll be making some of the best value pants on the planet, in our books. Final Grade: A

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