One Look, Two Prices: Summer Office-Casual

One Look, Two Prices: Summer Office-Casual

Here is yet another installment of our latest series in which we take one, timely look and show you how to accomplish it at two radically different price points. As usual, no one is expect to stay entirely on only one of the sides of the infographic, and we try to select items that — even if Luxury or super affordable — are still at least somewhat realistic purchases for any menswear enthusiast. 

This time, we’re going with a perfect casual Friday look for the office. It’s laid back, but still refined and classy, and will transition perfectly from the desk to the bar later at night without any need of swapping anything out. (If you’re feeling it, you can always layer over a blazer if you’d like, or are into that kind of a thing.) Needless to say, we really like this look, and hope you find this entertaining and informative.

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RRL Jeans: As far as luxury jeans go, I am not even sure this is expensive enough to qualify. Still quite pricey for a pair of jeans, though. Especially white jeans, which, while fashionable and clean-looking, are not nearly as versatile as their indigo counterparts. 

Church’s Suede Loafer: Expensive, but sure to be buttery smooth suede and last a super long time. Ships and returns free via Zappos (and might be findable on Amazon too, if your prefer).

BOSS Polo: Super pricey for a semi-casual shirt, and, with BOSS, there is a real question if the quality is even remotely worth their high prices. Yes, this will be well made, but at the price, you can do a lot better. And for less than half the price, you can do just as well (see Bonobos, or similar). 

Anderson’s Belt: This has got to be super supple, super smooth leather. This is true luxury. Looks great, and a very nice, deep shade of grey.



GAP Jeans: A much cheaper alternative to the Luxury option, plus has added stretch and stain resistance. 

Gordon Rush Suede Loafer: Okay, still a bit pricey, but at half the price, I actually prefer these. Will still be solid quality, but actually much sleeker and cleaner design. These are killer loafers. 

Banana Republic Polo: A super nice, and unique shade of grey that will go with just about anything. Plus, it’s the same super soft and smooth feel to the touch that BR’s famous Luxury-touch polos are so loved for. Also, it’s got a nice chest pocket. 

The Tie Bar Belt: Definitely not leather like the Luxury option. Still, gets the job done no question, and has nice-looking brown leather accents.

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