A Review of T.M. Lewin’s Outerwear — Quilted Jacket & Raincoat

A Review of T.M. Lewin’s Outerwear — Quilted Jacket & Raincoat

It is very important to have a good collection of jackets and coats. Depending on the weather, you might need one of a few different kinds of outerwear, and making sure you are ready whatever the weather might throw at you is key. So, getting a good jacket is important. There aren’t as many options out there when it comes to outerwear as when it comes to something like, say, a dress shirt, though. That’s why the options that are out there require a bit of a review and overview before you should go and purchase them. One often recommended stop for men’s outerwear is T.M. Lewin. Think of them just like you would Charles Tyrwhitt. They are super, super similar in almost every regard, though it seems that their outerwear is a bit more respected than CT’s (why this is, exactly, I am not sure). Still, if they offer a good value in men’s outerwear, you know we are all over it. For this review we took a look at two of their offerings. The first, their Fuller Khaki Quilted Jacket ($119) and the second, their Mornington Smoke Grey Cotton Rain Mac ($299)

Packaging & Experience

T.M. Lewin is a British company. It’s where all their offices are based, and the location from which they do all their business and ship all their goods. In all honesty, this had me worried about how smooth the ordering and return process would be. In the end, though, it was flawless. Shipping was pretty quick (slower than Bonobos or the like, but no slower than Banana Republic or J Crew), and returns were super easy as well, with a prepaid label in the box that shipped back to a location in the US from which they would deal with any overseas returns or custom issues. The box was a nice blue one, more than big enough to accommodate the two jacket inside with only a single fold. Both coats came on hangers as well. Major props to them on all this. A+

Style & Design

Quilted Jacket: A quilted coat is a staple of any man’s wardrobe. It’s perfect for brisk days in Spring or Fall, and goes with just about anything, especially in a neutral color like khaki. It’s the perfect outer layer for when the weather is not warm but not cold either. And there are many days like this, which is why a quilted jacket is so perfect for most guys, and gets so much use in the rotation. This offering from T.M. Lewin is pretty classically styled, with a bit of a longer tail and a stand up collar. There are four pockets on the front in total, and the overall aesthetic of this coat actually looks a bit like a hunting jacket, to some extent. The color is actually quite nice, and sort of leans more gray than khaki. Regardless, this coat could be worn with just about any color palette, and be dressed down over even a tee, or dressed up over even a blazer, I would think, especially given it’s longer length. Still, it is most at home over a button down shirt or sweater. The inside lining is red, which is a nice stylistic touch, and the tabs at the waist and cuff are nice additions as well. A

Cotton Rain Mac: For the rainier season, a mac coat like this is necessary. You need a nicer rain coat to wear to the office, or together with a suit, or blazer, and this is that coat. Even if it’s not something you will wear every day, a dressier raincoat is a necessity in your closet for those times that you do need it. For every day wear, a more basic, casual raincoat that doesn’t have to cover a jacket tail is more than fine, but for those times you have a suit on, you don’t want the jacket tail sticking out beneath your rain coat. (Same goes for winter coats or puffer coats as well, just by the way while on the subject.) This mac is super well designed, and is very simple all around. It is extremely reminiscent of the recent SuitSupply release that so many guys were clamoring over, with some notable differences: For one, it’s a darker grey, which I actually find more appealing and more versatile, and less flashy. Two, it has no hood, which is personal preference, though I prefer having one (SuitSupply’s is detachable). Three, it is significantly cheaper, though more on this later in the review. In short, this coat is very classically and conservatively styled. No added frills or features, and thus makes for a wonderfully sleek appearance. The color is great (though a bit lighter in person than it appears on the site, but not much), the design is great and super simple and clean, and we all around really like the look of this coat. You could wear this dressed down somewhat, but wouldn’t go more casual than an untucked button down shirt with it, really. A

Quality & Construction

Quilted Jacket: This coat feels super thin, light, and wispy. It’s 100% polyester, too. None of those are great words for a coat like this. It reminds me of those Uniqlo coats that you can scrunch up into a little tube. Again, not something you want to be saying about a coat like this. It’s not terrible, but it truly does not feel as weighty as you would expect it to. Thus, it ends up being a much lightweight coat than most guys would want from a coat like this. The details are all fine, the pockets are all neatly stitched, and everything is clean, but the fabric itself feels…. eh. It’s wrinkly, too. Don’t love how this feels, and while it might last a while considering it’s constructed decently, we don’t think this is the sort of coat that most people would expect to be receiving when they order this. B-

Cotton Rain Mac: Overall very solid construction. Every is neat, and clean, and sturdy. It's also got some minor venting in the underarm area so sweat and heat retention is mitigated (a solid, lined cotton like this can be practically unbreathable; it's got to keep that rain out, after all). It’s great in the rain, and an added lining will keep most every level of rain from penetrating through. The fabric is 55% cotton and 45% polyester, and feels nice and very rain-coat-like. It is exactly what you would expect. It feels like it will last quite a long time, and keep you dry. Still, at the $300 asking price, I would have expected a little more in the quality department. While there is nothing negative here, there is nothing overly impressive either. It’s just solid, and fine. But you can get a coat this quality from, say, Gap, for less than half the price. A-

The Fit

(Note: I am 6’1” and 165 lbs. and usually wear a size S or 15” shirt in a slim fit.)

Quilted Jacket: Took my usually size Small in this. This is a super ill-fitting garment. It’s strangely long, and has tons of room in the chest and waist. I am a tall, slim guy, and so things are usually short on me, but fit in the chest and waist. This coat is a tiny bit too long on me, and is much too roomy in the chest and waist. It makes me wonder who this jacket is cut for. I suppose very tall, fuller guys? Seems oddly specific, and not very common. Sleeve fit solidly, though. C

Cotton Rain Mac: Took my usually size Small. The fit here is pretty solid. Sleeves, which are perhaps the hardest to get right for many companies, fit great. Length is just about perfect, maybe a touch short on me. Chest is great, though the waist could maybe stand to come in just a little bit. Over a blazer of suit jacket, this would work perfectly. A-

Value & Comparison

T.M. Lewin Outerwear: From our experience here, we would certainly say to pass on the quilted jacket, though perhaps consider the cotton rain mac. Still, at these prices, it’s hard to justify. You’re not getting a ton more by way of quality or fit, nor even extra details, for some pretty high prices, all things considered. Still, for some, a solid, even slim fitting rain mac is a bit hard to find. If that’s the case, you won’t be disappointed with the offering from T.M. Lewin. You just might be overpaying a bit. If you can wait for a sale, do that. If not, it’s worth considering, but should certainly be weighed against some more inexpensive options (or even some more expensive options, like SuitSupply, where a bump in price gets you better quality and nicer attention to details). In the end, we think that T.M. Lewin is certainly a great place to stop on your journey to find a good piece of outerwear, but it’s not the go-to place we hoped it might be. Final Grade: B+

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