Review: SuitSupply’s New Light Grey Raincoat

Review: SuitSupply’s New Light Grey Raincoat

The coming warmer months demand the perfect outerwear. Vests are a great option for those not-quite-cold but not-quite-hot days. But, for when it rains outside, every guy needs the perfect raincoat. While a waterproof parka or down jacket might work great for downpours during the winter, a lighter, more versatile raincoat is also a necessary piece in anyone’s outerwear collection for the warmer months of the year. This season, SuitSupply’s Light Grey Raincoat for $499 is an absolutely stellar-looking offering. It’s been written about and coveted by menswear publications online, and we got one into our office for the TPL treatment. 

Packaging & Experience

When you order from SuitSupply you really get a premium overall experience. The website is one of the best around. Shipping takes just 1 or 2 business days, and the jacket arrives in a nicely sized box, so the coat was only folded over on itself once (you can pay for a full sized, hanger box). The jacket also comes inside the standard SuitSupply garment bag (the same for their suits), and a very nice black SuitSupply hanger. The return label is in the box, making returns effortless — and they are free as well, both things we always look for. Can’t ask for anything more in this department! A+

Style & Design

This coat is, without question, one of the best-looking I have ever seen. It’s killer. The fabric is beautiful, and looks really nice up close. Plus, the lighter grey color is unique without being too edgy, and will go with just about anything, and any colors. This coat would look just as well over a shirt and chinos as it would over a dark suit worn to a wedding. And everything in between. 

The detailing is also all there. The jacket is the perfect length, hitting mid thigh. The hood is removable, so if you don’t like it, it buttons on and off quite easily. There is a three-button front closure, and button details on both cuffs. There is a breast pocket which is a nice formal detail as well. 

There is, in my opinion, though, one fatal flaw. The collar is tremendously floppy, and never lays right. Perhaps this could be fixed with some ironing, and “training” of the collar to stand/sit the way you would like, but, out of the box, it just does not look right at all:

Things get even worse when you attach the hood, which just does not sit nicely behind or under the collar. The floppiness, and lack of sleekness, of how the collar sits/stands really detracts from an otherwise strikingly neat and sleek silhouette of this jacket. B+

Quality & Construction

As is usually the case with SuitSupply, this is a very well made garment. The fabric is super nice, and the water repellant element of it works well. Wouldn’t say that it is truly waterproof, but it will work great in anything but true downpours. The inside of the jacket is nicely lined in a rubbery material that is fitting of a raincoat like this. It provides a bit of warmth without being too stuffy, and it moves very well, too. The design is well detailed, everything feel sturdy and quality, and I can see this lasting a very long time. 

What I will say, though, is that I tend to find the construction is a better value when it comes to their suits. For about $400-$500 you can get a suit that rivals the quality of something twice the price. With this jacket, at $500, this is a $500 jacket, not more. Nothing as far as the quality here blows you away, or makes you feel especially good about the very high price tag. You’re getting what you’re paying for here, no doubt, but I’d feel better about this jacket if it was even $100 less. $500 just feels a bit steep. A

The Fit

(I am 6’1” and 165 lbs., and usually wear a size 36 (or S) jacket.)

I love the fit of this jacket. It’s slim without being too slim or tight. The sleeves are perfect. The length of everything is perfect. The waist and chest all fit perfectly as well. If I had one complaint, it would be the armholes. They seem to sit a little low, which makes raising one’s arms a bit difficult without pulling up the whole jacket, especially when the jacket is buttoned. A

Value & Conclusion

SuitSupply’s Light Grey Raincoat — $499: This coat is not cheap, by any stretch of the imagination. The style and design is fantastic, the quality is there — you get what you pay for! — and the fit is just shy of perfect. Still, the sloppy collar might be a deal breaker for some (it was for me), especially at this high price point. As far as we can tell, there aren’t many other coats that look anything as good as this one on the market right now, much less at this price point. Still, even for SuitSupply, this is a lot of money to spend on one coat, and so it’s not for everyone. Final Grade: A-

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