Review: The New Extra Slim Fit Stretch Chino and More from Charles Tyrwhitt

Review: The New Extra Slim Fit Stretch Chino and More from Charles Tyrwhitt

Chinos in black

Charles Tyrwhitt continues to expand their offerings. While they won the hearts of many well-dressed guys with their shirts (and their many fits), Charles Tyrwhitt has been adding to their store things like great outerwear options, suits, pants, chinos, casual shirts, polos — you name it, they offer it. For a while, though, their offering outside of their shirts did not get much attention, and many were not cut well, nor were they made out of attractive or modern fabrics. Recently, though, they have started offering many more fit options, as well as some more modern fabrics. Specifically, you can see this in their pants lineup. CT recently released an Extra Slim Fit stretch chino, as well as some really good looking Slim fit stretch dress pants. Here is what we thought of both.

Style & Design

Extra Slim Fit Stretch Chinos: These pants looks quite nice. They come in a variety of colors, from classic to more trendy. They have something for every season in this lineup. All the details in the design are there, too. Standard button fastener, double back pockets with buttons, straight pockets. The usual. Not much to write by way of their design. They’re a standard, good looking chino.

Slim dress pants in blue

Slim Fit Stretch Dress Pants: I absolutely love the fabric on these. They have the perfect subtle pattern that becomes more apparent the closer you get to it. These pants really do look even better up close. From afar, they have a wonderful almost knitted-like look to them, but it’s not actually knitted. It’s all in the fabric. Great job on the fabric here, and it also comes in a bunch of other colors too, some more conservative, some less so. All other details are pretty standard.

Dress pants fabric close up

Quality & Construction

Extra Slim Fit Stretch Chinos: These don’t feel like the best pair of chinos I have ever owned. The fabric would likely soften up over a few washes, though, so bear that in mind.  They are a bit stiff, and, despite claiming to have stretch, you don’t feel it all that much. These feel maybe a bit south of J Crew or Bonobos as far as quality goes. I don’t have anything specifically negative to say, but I was not at all blown away here. They’re certainly fine, but nothing to write home about. 

Slim Fit Stretch Dress Pants: The stretch is more noticeable here, and these pants are super comfortable and feel somewhat light when worn, in a very good way. The drape of the fabric is nice, everything felt like a solid quality pair of trousers, and were, overall, quite nice to wear.

Chinos waistband

The Fit

(I am 6’1” and 165 lbs., and usually wear 30x32 pants.)

Chino fit pic (slippers by Allbirds)

Extra Slim Fit Stretch Chinos: These pants are very oddly cut. They are less tapered on the bottom than the comparable J Crew 484 fit, but significantly tighter in the thighs and waist. This just all around makes for a pant that will hardly fit anyone. (Most people I know do not have huge calves and tiny thighs. If anything, it would be the other way around.) I could not comfortably button the waist, and could hardly get these pants on over my thighs. In all, it simply did not make for a good fit.

Dress pants fit pic (slippers by Allbirds)

Slim Fit Stretch Dress Pants: These are slightly less slim than the Extra Slim Fit chinos, and, overall, it makes for a better fit. Still, why is the waist even smaller than the chinos? I could not button these at all, despite almost always fitting into a 30” waist from just about all other brands. Personally, I like my pants cut a bit slimmer, and so would take these in just a touch (not to mention, letting out the waist and seat), but for someone who can find their right waist size in these pants, and don’t need quite as slim a cut, these pants should be perfect.

You can see all the exact measurements of these pants in the comparison chart below, and compare them to your favorite pair of trousers at home to get a great sense of how these will fit you:

MeasurementsCT Slim Fit Dress Pants (30x32)CT Extra Slim Fit Chino (30x32)J Crew 484 (30x32)
Leg Opening7.50"7.00"6.75"

Dress pants waistband

Price, Value, & Conclusion

Extra Slim Fit Stretch Chinos: These chinos are $79 (though can be had for less during sales, or when you buy multiple pairs). It looks like CT still has some considerable work to do with their chino line. Their fit is odd, their quality is just fine, and this is simply not worth the money. For less money you can go with J Crew chinos, and for a bit more, Bonobos. Both places your money would be better spent.

Slim Fit Stretch Dress Pants: These pants are $99, and they are certainly more in the CT wheelhouse. Construction is fine, the stretch is nice, and they are quite comfortable. That being said, there are still some fit issues that need to be worked out here, especially when it comes to the waist being inconsistent with other brands like J Crew. So, it might take you a pair or two until you find your best size. Once you do, assuming you need little to no tailoring, these are a good option for dress trousers, especially for the coming months. They look great, feel great, and move great.

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