SuitSupply Sneakers and Dress Shoes In Review

SuitSupply Sneakers and Dress Shoes In Review

SuitSupply is known and loved by many men as being a great place to get very high quality suits for super reasonable prices. But they actually offer just about anything you might want to wear, from outerwear, to polos, to sweaters, suitcases and bags, even, as well as, of course, a pretty extensive line of shoes. This line of shoes includes both more formal, dress shoes as well as more casual shoes like slip-ons and sneakers. To try to cover the whole gamut, we once again teamed up with The Kavalier. First, he’ll review SuitSupply’s dress shoe offering, and then we’ll review their sneakers.

Dress Shoe Review

Sneaker Review

For this review, we went with SuitSupply’s Grey Sneaker ($179). They also offer a few slip on sneakers, as well as this very same sneaker in a few other color options. We liked the grey, though, as its a bit more unique than the now ubiquitous white leather, plus it’s super versatile. Now, let’s get into it.

Packaging & Experience

SuitSupply really is amongst the gold standard when it comes to customer experience. The website is one of the best around. Shipping is super fast, and the shoes arrived in a nice shoe box, along with shoe bags for them. The return label is in the box, making returns effortless — and they are free as well, both things we always look for. A+

Style & Design

For starters, the color is fantastic and versatile, plus, as we stated above, is a bit more unique and special than the now standard white leather sneaker. Of course, you still have the white rubber sole, making the whole package still look stark, clean, and sleek. The grey means that you can wear these sneakers, truly, with just about any outfit and any colors. Navy or khaki chinos and a button down shirt (or polo)? Perfect. Blazer and jeans? Just as perfect. See what we mean? Plus, the slightly suede nubuck is, again, a nice and more unique touch to the usual plain leather design of sneakers. 

As to the actual shape of the shoe, I think it’s good but not great. The soles are pretty thick, and the toe box is a lot rounder than I would have preferred. It looks almost a bit… blunted?, in a way. The side profile on these shoes is great, and pretty slick. From head on, or from on top, though, they look a bit clunkier. 

Overall, these sneakers go with everything, are a unique color and finish, but could be a tad sleeker. A-

Quality & Construction

These shoes are, as ever from SuitSupply, very well made. The upper is a nice, rich, lightly textured leather, that looks like it will age nicely over time. We noticed a bit of creasing in the leather, which we don’t love, but this leather hides it very well (all leather creases — it’s how it creases that matters), and will likely continually look better with time as the shoe breaks in more and, like all quality leather, molds to your feet. The rubber sole is hefty and even a bit on the heavy side. These shoes feel quite substantial on the foot. The laces are thick and high quality — the sort of laces you could not imagine ever ripping. Plus, the top eyelets are reinforced with metal, a nice construction as well as style detail we appreciate. The footbed is a nice, soft leather, and there is a slight bit of arch support as well. Again, these are sneakers that will absolutely mold and shape to your foot the more you wear them and break them in. Out of the box, though, they are quite comfortable. They are pricey, no doubt, but these are very well made. I can see these lasting a very long time. A

The Fit

The SuitSupply website recommends ordering a size down from what you usually wear. They also do not offer half sizes, something we really dislike with shoe companies. While I usually wear a size 11.5, I went with a size 11, and found it to be a touch tight in the toe box — and this was largely due to the shape of the shoe, as described above. Sizing up a full size to the 12 would without question result in a shoe that is much too big, and would cause lots of slippage when walking. With a tiny bit of stretching, the 11 could likely work for me, but, as ever, a true 11.5 would have most likely been the perfect fit. That, or a slightly more elongated and sleeker toe box. B

Value & Conclusion

SuitSupply’s Grey Sneaker — $179: When it comes to SuitSupply’s suits, you are truly getting a fantastic, unrivaled value. For about $400-$500 you can get a suit that rivals the quality of something twice the price. With these shoes, though, you are more like getting what you paid for. This seems to be the case with all of SuitSupply’s non-suit offerings — pricey, and you’re getting quality, but the value is not exceeding the price. Now, this is nothing at all to complain about. Just don’t be prepared to be as blown away as many are with their wonderful suits. When it comes to sneakers like this, though, there is more competition. There are quite a few great sneakers to be had at this price point, that look just as nice, are maybe even a bit sleeker, and are just as well made. Still, SuitSupply’s offering is still a very good one, and not one many guys consider. So, it should be part of the sneaker conversation more! Final Grade: A-

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