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WatchGang Review 5.0: Heritor Automatic & Final Assessment

We’ve spent quite a bit of time now reviewing WatchGang. (If you’d like to know more about what exactly the service is, and how it all works, read those earlier review.) Overall, we cannot say that we have been so deeply impressed. Some of the watches were mediocre and our feelings towards them were somewhat ambivalent. Other watches were downright awful...

A Review of the Fairly Bad ‘Time Force’ Watch from WatchGang Black November

We’ve reviewed WatchGang before, but this is the first month we’ve tried their $99 per month “Black” tier, promising higher quality watches valued up to $500. Our conclusion until this point about WatchGang’s Original tier was that the watches were fine, and matched your tastes well enough, but that for the money, you could likely do better picking out higher quality watches on your own...

An In-Depth Review Of The Auguste Jaccard Watch From WatchGang October: Is It Worth The Money?

Continuing our ongoing search for the best men’s subscription box service is this month’s review of WatchGang (if you are unfamiliar with WatchGang, you should definitely check out our first review in which we explain it all before you read on). There are really a few question that specifically need to be answered here, and they are as follows: