All in Week of Outfits

A Full Week Of Outfits For Under $1,000: Sunday Edition

Sunday is the ideal day to wear jeans. If you need to do some work in the yard, you’re covered. But if you buy nice enough jeans, they can work just as well to hang out with friends, take a trip to the park, or go out to eat later on in the day. The jeans + tee + sneakers looks is a classic style move, and one you should nail down. Follow our lead here, and we’re sure that you will!…

A Full Week Of Outfits For Under $1,000: Thursday Edition

This Thursday look is a great twist on an office classic. If you work in a slightly more casual office environment this is absolutely perfect. The addition of sneakers as opposed to a dressier loafer or dress shoe is an awesome switch. Draws attention in a subtle way, and shows you really know what you are doing when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. Still maintains an all-business look up top, though, so you really do get the best of both worlds. A great weekend look as well if you wouldn't wear this to the office (though it's perfect for casual Friday either way)!