The New Spier & Mackay Extra Slim Fit Dress Shirts — Review + Measurement Chart

The New Spier & Mackay Extra Slim Fit Dress Shirts — Review + Measurement Chart

Spier & Mackay is slowly becoming famous as being one of the best values around when it comes to dress clothing. They have excellent shirts, suits, jackets, and pants and super reasonable prices. Just about SuitSupply quality (maybe a touch below), but at even cheaper prices. We discussed the brand in greater detail in the last time we covered them here on the site when we reviewed their Slim Fit Dress shirt. Recently, though, they released a brand new fit that they are going to start offering their shirts in — the Extra Slim Fit, promising to be even slimmer and more tailored than their Slim Fit, and thus even more perfect for slimmer fitting guys.

As it happens, we really loved their Slim Fit, and wouldn’t have changed much about it. They got a whole lot right, and if you want to know more about that fit by itself, as well as the quality of their shirts, check out our last review linked above. In short, though, these shirts are an excellent value (with the one caveat that they do not cover return shipping, which can get pricey going all the way back to Canada, where they are based.)

For this review, we went with an Oxford cloth button down shirt in a red and white stripe. Color is great, and the overall look of the shirt is exactly what you would want from an OCBD. The collar even has a nice roll to it. Not too much else to say here. It’s a nice shirt!

Now, let’s get into the fit. The short version? I think they get this really right. The chest comes in a bit more than the Slim Fit, and the waist really comes in a ways more. For me, it ends up even being too tight in both the waist and the bottom opening, though if you’re slimmer than I, this shirt will be perfect for you. This truly is an Extra Slim Fit. Many companies’ Slim Fit is hardly slim, meaning their Extra Slim is what their Slim Fit should be. Not so here. Spier & Mackay’s Slim Fit is already quite trim, and their Extra Slim dials it in even more. 

The Extra Slim Fit (15/34)

The Slim Fit (15/34)

But the best thing about this Extra Slim Fit is that the slimness carries all the way through the sleeve and wrist opening, both of which are reduced over the Slim Fit. This is something that many off the rack shirt makers do not pay proper attention to, and something we constantly complain about here. Spier & Mackay, though, really gets it right. (Though, I quibble, and would request an even slimmer wrist opening, considering just how slim they assume the person’s waist is to be wearing this shirt.)

Finally, if you compare it to the famous Charles Tyrwhitt Extra Slim and Super Slim, you end up with something, for the most part, in the middle. The Spier & Mackay Extra Slim is a bit roomier in the chest, which I think is the right move (allowing for more armpit freedom and less pulling), and the tapers nicely at the waist (it’s pretty intense, honestly). Beyond that, Spier & Mackay does the sleeves and wrists a lot better too. Plus, the overall quality of the shirt tends to be better with Spier & Mackay, leaving our recommendation tilting heavily towards Spier & Mackay. Prices are just about the same, and once you find your size and fit, you won’t have to worry about returns. (Customer service and returns are vastly superior at Charles Tyrwhitt, though, so if that is important to you, bear that in mind.) Even though it's not the best fit from them for me, personally, this is definitely one of the better Extra Slim Fits out there. For taller, slimmer guys, you should strongly consider looking into this shirt. Certainly gets out stamp of approval.

For a more detailed look at the fit, take a look at the following chart:

MeasurementsSpier & Mackay Slim Fit (15/34)Spier & Mackay Extra Slim Fit (15/34)Charles Tyrwhitt Extra Slim Fit (15/34)Charles Tyrwhitt Super Slim Fit (15/34)
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