Review: The New Slim Fit “Sail Rigger” Oxford Cloth Button Down Shirt By Lands’ End

Review: The New Slim Fit “Sail Rigger” Oxford Cloth Button Down Shirt By Lands’ End

As a solid option for quality menswear, Lands’ End is likely super underrated. They have, for many many years, produced quality garments at affordable prices. The issue with them has always been twofold: their style taste has been mediocre at best, and their fits have been terrible. But for quite some time now, they have been trying to fix this up. First, with their Lands’ End Canvas line which was always trendier and more fashionable than their mainline. They since got rid of that, and now their more modern styles and slimmer cuts are fully integrated into the rest of their brand (for better or for worse). 

We have been looking for a great Oxford Cloth Button Down shirt at a great price for a while now, and so we figured we would give the option from Lands’ End a shot. It’s called the Slim Fit Buttondown Solid Sail Rigger Oxford Shirt ($39.95) and claims to be both a slim fit, as well as perfectly tailored to be worn untucked, so it looked promising. Here is what we thought.

Packaging & Experience

Pretty standard fair. Free shipping at a threshold or with codes. Return label in the box. Reasonable but not speedy shipping times, and a typical mailer back as far as packaging goes. A-

Style & Design

This is a very well-styled, modern OCBD. And that is saying a lot coming from Lands’ End. They did a good job here. This could just as easily have come out of Uniqlo or J Crew. Everything is as you would expect. The standard blue or white color options (wish there were more, though!), with a thick, but not heavy fabric. Nice texture and weave. Plus I like the contrasting color at the bottom hem gusset. Chest pocket, though one of the colors we ordered also had this anchor logo above the pocket which was an utter abomination and an insane thing to do. No idea what the story is there. It’s huge and obtrusive, and I hope it was a mistake. Again, oddly only came on the blue shirt, but not the white. B+

Quality & Construction

This thing is very well made. Again, at least J Crew quality, if not even above. Rich fabric that is soft and supple, and feels great even with no undershirt on underneath it. All the stitching is neat and clean, and the buttons feel substantial and strongly sewn. I would expect quite a bit of wear out of these. At the price, a steal as far as quality is concerned. A

The Fit

(Note: I am 6’1” and 165 lbs. and usually wear a 15.5” / 34 shirt in a slim or extra slim fit.)

Look, they did a solid job for Lands’ End here. I got both a size Small in blue and a Medium in white. Each had their respective issues causing me to return them, but neither were a disaster by any means. The small was too tight in the waist and bottom hem, but otherwise was pretty well cut, and a perfect length. Even the arms were nice and trim (though, as ever, the cuffs could have come in a bit more). The Medium was too long in the back, and oddly even shorter than the size Small in the front (what the hell?), not too mention being too long roomy in the sleeves and cuffs, but, again, not a disaster. Worth keeping for me? No. But if you’re a tall and slim guy, you might get luckier than I did with these fits. They’re not half bad, and at least as good as J Crew or Banana Republic these days. Aside from the bit of inexcusable inconsistency (as is so typical these days from these big brands), they did an okay job! B+

MeasurementsLands’ End Slim Fit (S)Lands’ End Slim Fit (M)Spier & Mackay Slim Fit (15/34)Spier & Mackay Extra Slim Fit (15/34)Charles Tyrwhitt Extra Slim Fit (15/34)Charles Tyrwhitt Super Slim Fit (15/34)

Value & Conclusion

Slim Fit Buttondown Solid Sail Rigger Oxford Shirt ($39.95): Given that this shirt is actually pretty solid as far as fit, and very solid as far as quality, I think Lands’ End should definitely be a company worth considering when looking to buy something new. They might not all have the best designs, fits, or styling, but enough of it clearly does that it’s wroth checking it out. Because if something does work out, the value is well above what you are paying. Aside from the odd sailer logo, and the fit tweaks needed here, this is a solid offering from an unexpected place. Final Grade: A-

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