One Look, Two Prices: Suited Up For Summer

One Look, Two Prices: Suited Up For Summer

The menswear market is vast, and there is a whole spectrum from which you can choose to purchase. If you want to spend thousands of dollars on a suit, for instance, you most certainly can. If you want to spend less than even one hundred dollars on a suit, you can do that as well. Though neither is recommended. However, it’s a really cool and informative experiment to take one look, and buy it as both a luxury getup, and a more affordable one. You don’t have to buy all items from only one side of the infographic, of course, and can mix and match luxury items with more affordable ones. 

Either way, this sort of thing is always fun to do, and you end up seeing a nice variety from within the large gamut of menswear. We're kicking off with a great summer look, specifically a light-colored, tan suit, styled with some bright, eye catching accessories and other pieces. Perfect for a more casual summer, outdoor wedding, or just for a day out and about. It's class and casual all at once.

So, without any further ado, welcome to the latest series here on The Peak Lapel. We hope you enjoy and learn a thing or two.

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Boglioli Suit: A cotton and linen blend, and some stretch in the pants for good measure.

Bonobos Shirt: Can very likely be caught on sale, but either way, comes in a variety of fits and a whole bunch of other great floral patterns, if that is your thing.

Castañer Espadrilles: A great, casual summer option, and, as you can see, looks great even when paired up with a more casual-leaning suit. 

Tom Ford Pocket Square: Would I ever, in a million years, suggest someone buy a pocket square that costs more than a decent pair of shoes? Absolutely not. But they do exist, and I suppose they would indeed have to be considered “Luxury.”



Banana Republic Suit: Some stretch in both the jacket and pants, besting the more expensive “Luxury” option, believe it or not. 

Zara Shirt: Best quality shirts in the world? Absolutely not. But for a floral print like this — something that is not doubt not going to see too much wear — Zara is just about the perfect place to get it from.

Soludos Espadrilles: A cheaper (read: less than half the price) alternative to the “Luxury” pair. Will they last as long or feel quite as good? Likely not. But as a super casual summer shoe, these are a great bet, and go with just about color combination you could throw at it.

The Tie Bar Pocket Square: A true resource for men’s accessories, The Tie Bar is an excellent place to go when you are in need of a super specific shade of tie/pocket square/bow tie, or so on.

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