A Review Of MVST Hard-Case Aluminum Luggage

A Review Of MVST Hard-Case Aluminum Luggage

Disclaimer: MVST was kind enough to give The Peak Lapel a steep discount on these products for the purposes of this review. 

In a world where Away seems to be dominating the luggage space, it would seem that there is no real room for serious competitors. Which is why we were surprised when we learned about MVST, a new entry into the luggage space. Specifically, they’re focusing on aluminum, hard-case luggage. They might not have a battery capable of charging your phone, but they do have plenty of things that we really like about them. So, without further ado, let’s get into it. 

Packaging & Experience

The website is, perhaps, not the nicest site on the planet. Certainly, when it is inevitably compared with the Away shopping experience, it will fall short. But, it’s easy enough to navigate and order from. Shipping is fast and free, and, overall, no complaints here. A-

Style & Design

The suitcases look really nice, and the closer you get to them, the nicer they look. They have a beautiful and unique “texture” to the metal. They also come in four colors, each of which is nice in its own way. We got a carry on in their black, and a full sized suitcase in the lighter aluminum. We like them both, though prefer the black. All the details are nice, too, with everything neatly designed and organized into its place. The one thing we don’t love? The blue interior. We think a more subtle color could have been a lot nicer. A-

Quality & Construction

These things are real sturdy and solidly built. We’ve taken them on a few trips, and have, intentionally, not babied them at all. The locks are solid, as are the handles and wheels. While it’s not quite possible to know how long they will truly last, they sure feel like they will last a nice, long time. The only things we noticed that we didn’t love is that the casing definitely scratches up pretty quickly and easily, though we think this adds to the “patina” and used look of it. This is typical of metal hard case luggage though. The other thing we didn’t love was that the locks take a little bit to get used to, in that you have to clasp/unclasp them from the right direction, or they’ll get a bit stuck or even pinch your fingers. Once you figure it out, though, it’s easy, and super smooth to do. Finally, while the handle extends quite a bit on the carry on bag, we wish that the handle on the full size had at least two different height settings. As far as we can see, it only comes up a little bit, and that’s it. Other than that, everything else is great. The wheels roll nice and smoothly, and the opening and closing of the suitcase is well aligned as well. 

The interior has nice mesh pockets as well as a compression side, allowing you to fit more stuff into the suitcase, and also close it easily without worrying about everything spilling out of the side. The compression is not quite as good or as easy to use as Away’s, but it’s more than good enough and does the job well.

Finally, note that these are heavy bags, and weigh about 10-14 pounds, depending which model and size you get. That is not crazy heavy for metal bags, but compared to fabric bags — if that is what you are used to — it is something you should be aware of. A-

Value & Conclusion

MVST Luggage — $375+: It’s impossible not to compare these suitcases to Away luggage. And to start, you have to notice that MVST’s metal luggage is $100 cheaper than Away’s. Sure, it doesn’t have the “name” quite the same, nor a battery to charge your phone or laptop, but if neither of those things are crucial to you, I don’t see what you’re missing out on with MVST. The quality is there, the design and uniqueness is there, and there is seldom a negative thing to say about them. They also consistently are running sales, and so their luggage can be had for even less. Plus, unlike Away, their metal suitcases are available in multiple colors. Again, they’re not perfect, but, for the price, they are an excellent option if you’re looking for some hard case, aluminum, good-looking luggage. Final Grade: A-

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