Introducing Our New Company — Stryx: Handsome Made Easy

Introducing Our New Company — Stryx: Handsome Made Easy

We’re finally launching our company! It’s called Stryx and it is unlike anything you have ever seen before. It has taken two years of research, development, and refining to get to this point, but we are finally launching, and we want you, our loyal readers, to be the first to know.

So, what is Stryx?

Stryx is rethinking the meaning of men’s “cosmetics” products. We engineer discreet products uniquely for men, so that men can easily and comfortably look their best. While everyone else is simply taking the same old product tube, formulation, and packaging, then slapping their logo on it, and calling it “new,” we went back to the drawing board and engineered a new line of men’s grooming tools designed from the ground up to fit seamlessly and discreetly into your lifestyle. With photos and videos as the new words, don’t let that blemish or acne muddle your message. Stryx lets you enhance your photos before they’re even taken.

Details, please...

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably long wondered why there isn’t a great product out there that lets guys properly and discreetly hide a pimple, some acne, a razor scratch, or redness. If a woman wakes up with a pimple on her nose, she pops on some product, and poof, it’s gone. But if a guy wakes up with that same pimple, well, he’s just stuck with a pimple on his face all day — no matter the meeting, date, interview, or dinner he has to attend. And, of course, this applies to every other imperfection a man’s face inevitably suffers from. Why, we wondered, are there no products truly built to help make men more handsome, comfortable and confident?

Every once in a while a product will come along claiming to be just that, but, in reality, it’s just a woman’s product with the words “For Men” printed on it. The formulation isn’t any different for men’s skin, nor is the product design itself any different for what men are actually looking for. This leads to a subpar product that doesn’t actually do what it’s supposed to do well, and a design that most men are uncomfortable actually carrying around or using.

And that is where Stryx comes in. Today, we’re introducing a set of two tools designed to help you get rid of imperfections, hide blemishes, and give yourself an edge, while feeling perfectly comfortable.

Our First Two Products

The first tool is called Product 01 and it’s a Concealer Tool, and the second, Product 02, is a Tinted Moisturizer (more on them both in a second). From inception, we built these products to address all the issues we saw in the current men’s market. They are both truly category-defining products, engineered from the ground up for men. They’re designed to be sleek, discreet, and simple to use. Our products are also meticulously formulated to address the biological uniqueness of male skin. They hide blemishes, control your skin tone, and eliminate imperfections. Working with some of the best teams in the business (like the renowned Prime Studio), we carefully crafted every detail of these products to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Stryx’s products are elegant and satisfying to hold; refined tools for the modern man.

Tell me more!

Use Product 01 to effectively conceal any redness, acne, pimples, razor scratches, scars, or slight imperfections that every man’s face inevitably suffers from. Simply uncap, twist, and apply a small amount to the problem area. Discreet, sleek, and simple to use, you’ll never again have to let that pimple you woke up with stop you from closing that deal, landing that client, making that sale, or impressing your date.

Use Product 02 to hydrate, energize, and fine-tune your skin. A moisturizer is essential to well-kept skin, and ours is meticulously formulated to address the biological uniqueness of male skin. It helps keep your face fresher, energized, and less tired-looking throughout the day. As an added feature, the slight tint hides and reduces redness, minimizes skin irritation, removes any minor blemishes like lines or pores, and helps control your skin tone. It’s the perfect light, hydrating, quickly-absorbing moisturizer ideal for your daily routine.

Check it out!

You don’t roll out of bed looking great, but by the time you leave your home, you should be looking your best. And that, really, is what Stryx is all about at its core. These products are revolutionary, and are merely the first step in redefining what men’s grooming can and should be. We hope you’ll check out the full site for many more details, and see just what we’re talking about. The truth is, though, that to fully understand and appreciate these products, you really need to see them in person and hold them in your hand. There’s just something magical about them...

We’re super excited to finally be able to share Stryx with you, and we are sure you will love our products as much as we do! Stryx really is handsome made easy.  

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