Beckett Simonon Double Monk Strap Dress Shoe Review: A Unique Business Model Designed For Value

Beckett Simonon Double Monk Strap Dress Shoe Review: A Unique Business Model Designed For Value

Disclaimer: Beckett Simonon was kind enough to provide a pair of shoes to The Peak Lapel for free for the purposes of this review. They’re also offering an exclusive 20% off just for The Peak Lapel readers. Simply use code THEPEAKLAPEL at checkout. (Note: We do not, nor do we ever, earn any affiliate revenue whatsoever.)

There are lots of direct-to-consumer shoe companies out there for men these days, giving you more choices than ever when it comes to finding a great pair of shoes. Each company has their own unique spin, as well as strengths and weaknesses. Some do dress shoes, others sneakers, and so on. Today, though, we’re taking a look at one of the longest-standing options, as well as one of the most beloved in the world of value shoe shopping. And that is Beckett Simonon. In a nutshell, the offer great-looking, very high quality dress shoes (and now, some leather sneakers), at affordable (but not cheap) prices. These shoes are generally seen as a tremendous value, giving you much more bang for your buck than similar brands. You’re getting high quality leather, Blake (and sometimes Goodyear) construction, and classy, stylish shapes and designs. All for very reasonable pricing in the $200-$300 range.

How do they do this? Well, besides for all the typical DTC trope, they also take a really long time to ship. Like, 8-10 weeks. And the reason for this is simple. All of their orders are actually pre-orders. Once the order window closes, that shoe model is no longer available (sometimes never to return), and then it goes into production. This allows Beckett Simonon to know exactly how many shoes they need to manufacture, which cuts out warehousing, inventory, and stocking costs. And, naturally, they pass these savings on to you. Which should, so the story goes, give you super high quality shoes at a much lower price point.

We’ve had our eye on this company for a good while, and have heard some great things from many trusted sources, so we were excited to give them a try for ourselves. We got the Double Monk Straps in a Tan Calfskin Leather ($199), and here is what we thought.

Packaging & Experience

The shoes take a really long time to ship. That is by design, as discussed above. Still, if waiting 8-10 weeks for your shoes to arrive is a dealbreaker for you, then Beckett Simonon is not for you. If you don’t mind, though, or at least can deal with it, then you’re in for an excellent deal, as you will see below. The biggest issue? Sizing… since you won’t know for quite a few months if the shoes even fit you. But, once you nail down your size with them, it’ll be well worth it. 

The shoes arrive in a standard fare shipping box and shoe box inside. It comes with shoe bags (which are pretty cheap, honestly), and a small shoe horn as well. In all, not much to write home about. What is interesting, and unusual, though, is that they also include nice padded inserts for the shoes if you prefer the fit be a bit more snug or soft/cushion-y. This is a very nice thing to include (though always makes me second guess myself as to which I prefer). B

Style & Design

Beckett Simonon shoes are neither super modern nor super classic. They straddle the line, in my opinion, perfectly. These are not super sleek Italian shoes, but they are far from the bulbous monstrosities you see most other places. They are a perfect, happy medium. Slim, but not too slim. Rounded toes, without being too rounded. They are an excellent compromise. Personally, I always preferred the silhouette of sleeker Italian shoes, but I find these shoes more than sleek enough to wear with suits. However, they are especially killer when it comes to more casual outfits. Throw these tan monks on with a pair of dark denim, and you’re killing the game. 

And that leads us to the color and styling of the shoe itself. A perfectly proportioned cap toe, not-too-shiny buckles, and a gorgeous tan leather color gives these shoes an unquestionable edge over anything you would find at your local mall. And that is before we even get to quality. (Also note, these shoes come in a whole bunch of other colors as well, and Beckett Simonon’s whole line — at least currently — follows a very similar design pattern and style). A

Quality & Construction

These shoes are Blake stitched. So, not Goodyear welted, but, despite most people putting that down as an inherent negative, a Blake stitched shoe is actually not objectively worse than a Goodyear welt. It allows these shoes to be lighter, and slimmer. Again, perfect for double-duty with jeans or a suit. 

The leather is super smooth and supple right out of the box, and is amongst the best-feeling leather I have felt on shoes in a sub $300 price range. They are also super comfortable, and didn’t need much of a break-in time at all. Creasing has been quite minimal as well, which is indeed quite the sign of a well-made dress shoe. In short, these things are sturdy, comfortable, and built to last a long time. They’ve been wearing wonderfully so far, and I expect that to continue. For the price, these are the highest quality pair of dress shoes I have gotten my hands on (save for Allen Edmonds Factory Seconds, their inherent nicks and scratches notwithstanding). A

The Fit

I usually take a size 11.5. I tried that here, and they pinched are were a bit too tight. A size 12 suited me much better, and that is what I ended up with and am now comfortable with. While they expedited the process to just a few days from my initial order to swapping out for a different size due to me being a reviewer, they will be able to swap out sizes for you without having to wait another bunch of months. They keep a very small stock for this purpose. So, the sizing seems to run a touch big from what I am used to, but I do find I run somewhere between an 11.5 and a 12, so it’s not at all wrong, just on the bigger size. Thus, if you find yourself between two sizes typically, with Beckett Simonon, I would go with the bigger of the two (at least in my experience). A-

Value & Conclusion

Double Monk Straps in a Tan Calfskin Leather — $199: I’ll come right out with it. For a price of $200, these shoes cannot really be beat. I think perhaps Jack Erwin gives them a bit of a run for their money (and some might prefer their slightly sleeker lasts and more modern styles), but for sheer quality, comfort, build, and style, these are some of the best shoes money can buy. The single down-side is that incredibly long wait for them. But, that is also how you can get them at such a low price. A fair deal in our opinion. Final Grade: A

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