Ask TPL: Best Places To Get A Suit (In Any Price Range) — 2018 Edition

Ask TPL: Best Places To Get A Suit (In Any Price Range) — 2018 Edition

Hey, where is the best place for a guy to get a suit these days? Used to be I had a few go-to’s, but everything seems to be shifting and changing recently, and I’m a bit overwhelmed and confused as to the best place to go. My budget is pretty flexible, so, where’s a guy to go for a suit these days?

— Robert S.

First of all, we hear you. The pace at which the menswear game is changing could give you whiplash. Still, in the end, this is really good for us guys. Some have said we live in the golden age of menswear shopping. I would tend to agree. Options, and competition, while confusing, is a net win for the consumer. So while it is true that there are quite a lot of options to get a suit these days, it is equally true that there are quite a lot of good options for places to get a suit. Here are our recommendations, at every price range (we try to recommend only companies that we have first hand experience with; when we haven’t, we will state so explicitly): 

Combat Gent suit up close

Under $200

Combatant Gentleman — $160: Okay, this one comes with a lot of caveats. Firstly, we don’t think any guy should be spending less than $200 on a suit. There is just so much more value at just a little bit more money. Second, Combat Gent has pissed more than a couple people off in the past. So, you might not want to give them any more money, and we hear that loud and clear. If you must, though, buy only through Amazon, so that they fulfill your order and you know that their customer service will back you. Again, we recommend going with any category we list below this one, but, if you must, this is the best we have seen at this price point (though it’s far from a good suit, still).

$200 - $300

J Crew’s “UnSuit” — $266: If you ask us, this is one of the best values in men’s suiting at this price range. It’s a great fit, a great fabric, and can be had for even less than full retail when on sale. The catch? Well, it’s not so much a catch as it is the nature of these suits. They’re full unstructured — no lining or padding — and they are 100% linen (or cotton blends). Perfect for the Spring/Summer; less so for the winter. But, for a summer suit? This should be your number one buy.

Spier & Mackay On Sale — $249.99: Some of these are even available for less than $250. Now, fair warning, we have never had hands-on time with these suits. But many, many guys love them, and they are quickly gaining an excellent reputation for quality and value at this price point. Two fits, and tons of fabric options. Be wary of their return policy, though!

An Indochino MTM suit

$300 - $400

Indochino MTM — $300-$350 and up: Again, these can be had for even less than this price during one of the regular sales. Additionally, they have a higher end line with some better fabric options for about $100 more per suit. Quality of fabric and construction here is mediocre, but they have great customer service, a bunch of retail locations, and allow tons of customization options (and are adding even more soon). If you want to enter the world of made-to-measure — and get a suit that will fit better than anything off the rack — this is a great place to start. For the price, it’s a solid value. 

SuitSupply “Blue Line” — $399 and up: Can’t go wrong here. Some of the best value in suiting, period. Prices go all the way up to $1,000, but you can expect to spend somewhere between $400 - $600 and be happy. Tons of fabrics choices, an array of fits, styles, and cuts, and a customer service team that knows what they are doing. No, it’s not made-to-measure, but it’s our first choice in recommendations for off the rack. I own a bunch of suits from SuitSupply, and am happy with them all. Quality of both construction and fabric is well above the price. 

A Black Lapel MTM suit


Black Lapel — $499 and up: Want SuitSupply quality but something made-to-measure? This is your answer. It’s just about SuitSupply prices, too. But, again, fully customized, excellent customer service, and the whole thing is made to fit your body. They have a store in NYC if you can make it in for a fitting. If not, their online algorithm is quite solid. 

$600 - $1,000

Lanieri $600 and up: For the most part, that $600 price point is only when on sale. These are made-to-measure suits, fully made in Italy, with only Italian fabrics. So, you’re paying for that. But, the quality difference is noticeable, and these are definitely a step up once you get into this price point. (Consider also the Savoy line from Black Lapel).

$1,000 And Up

Articles of Style — $1,095 and up: Kind of the kings, and grail purchase, of many a menswear enthusiast. As far as the made-to-measure game goes, they are seemingly at the top. And the prices are at the top as well. Certainly not cheap, but it’s all made in American, with excellent fabrics and premium construction. Not to mention a team of true experts in their field working on your fit. They’re made some bold claims about how much you’ll like their products, and, from what we have heard, they have lived up to these promises. 


So, in summary, you can see that there are, indeed, a lot of choices for the decreeing menswear buyer. Plus, made-to-measure has really been making serious headways and is now a real contender and player in this market. What is noticeably best from our picks, though, are the standard off the rack options. Without naming any names, the old-time companies are just not worth your time or money anymore. Any of the options adobe $200 mentioned above will leave you super happy and satisfied with your garment. They all come with the highest of accolades, and our recommendation. More so than ever before there are some excellent options in this space, and it’s coming, for the most part, from the new, modern players who are bringing better value to you than ever before. Take full advantage!

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