Disclosure and Review Policy

First, at some point in the near future we intend to launch our own line of men’s products. At this point, we are keeping our exact product line a secret, but we are comfortable disclosing that it will be in the men’s “grooming” category. We believe this is really important for you to know, since we are not just random guys launching a blog solely for the purpose of having a great blog. That being said, producing a really high quality and unique blog is definitely one of our goals, and we love creating and curating this site. We want to become a go-to destination for men’s style and grooming, and hope to earn your trust and confidence, so that through our honest, hard hitting, and comprehensive words on this blog, we gain your trust when we launch our product line. We will bring the same intensity to our own products as we do to the articles on this blog. 

Second, unless we clearly disclose to the contrary at the front of the article, we buy all of the products that we review. Again, this is really important for you to understand as it is an essential ingredient to a truly honest review.

Lastly, we know we will often come across products or companies that we want to review that, in one way or another, may become our competitor when we launch our product line. This is a problem since it is impossible for us to give you an unbiased review of such products or such companies. Thus, we will either refrain from giving a review entirely if we have anything negative to say, or we will solely focus on and highlight the positive aspects of such products if we think highly of the product(s). Essentially, we will only review competitor products that we absolutely love. 

Let us know if you have any questions, or if you think there is any way we can be more transparent. We appreciate your input. 

Always learning, 
The Peak Lapel